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Interior Designer

4D Design Studio

Location: Dahyet El Husein st., Al Rabieh

Phone number: +96265526218

AION Interior Design 


Location: Dabouq

Phone number: +962780841424

ARTECH Designer Studio

Location: Abdullah Ghosheh St. , 68

Phone number: +96265885942

Badran Design

Location: Shmesani

Phone number: +96265676045

Contempo Design

Location: King Abdullah II st.

Phone number: +96265330855


Location: Abdul Hamid Badis , 45

Phone number: +962796423738

Floors & Walls

Location: Khalda

Phone number: +96265353037

Interior Design Studio IDS

Location: Jawhara Al Shmeisani, Allal Al Fasi St 18

Phone number: +96265681872

La Vie Interior Design

Location: Zahran Gate, Isma'eel Haqqi Abdoh St, 25

Phone number: +96265852228

Metra Interior Supplies

Location: Abdeen Complex, Amer Bin Malek St 35

Phone number: +96265560501

Oscar For Furniture & Interior Design

Location:Oscar Complex, Queen Rania Al Abdullah St 76

Phone number: +96265153194

Parallel Interiors

Location: Shmesani

Phone number: +962797050814

Interior Design Studio IDS

Location:  King Abdullah II St 126

Phone number: +96265353151

SADDA design and build

Location: Al Weibdeh

Phone number: +96264644141

Staitieh Decoration

Location: Abu Hamad Complex, Prince Mohammad St 121

Phone number: +96264646423

Sufian Sawalha Design

Location: 08 Khlaif Al Suheimat St

Phone number: +96265811080

Venti Design Studio

Location: Mecca St. 140

Phone number: +96265518849

Xaya Design Atelier

Location: Mecca St. 145

Phone number: +96265513317

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