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10 Things to Keep in Your Bridal Bag on Your Wedding Day

Sometimes the smallest things can go missing and rain on a brides parade.

Not you of course!

Here are some of our picks, and some by our community of helpful brides that want to make your big day stress free and keep you feeling fresh.

You don't need all of them, pick and choose your favorites, and share what you'll be taking with you with our future brides as well.

Make up

1- Your lipstick

If you have a shade in mind or if you want your make up artist to choose for you its okay to ask before hand so you can have the same shade on hand, you will defiantly need to touch up your lipstick throughout the night

*Pro-tip you can bring a small clean container and a brush and ask your make up artist to scrape some of the lipstick in it for you.

2- Bolting paper

3- your concealer

4- Lash Glue

How many times have you seen someones falsies try to make a run for it midnight.

Staying Fresh

5- Gum

6 -Tide pen

7 - Your perfume.

Emergency zone.

8- Bobby Pins

9- Plasters

10- Sewing Kit

These are our suggestions, thank you to our lovely brides that helped us put this list together, which ones will you pack?

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