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20 Most Important Wedding Etiquette Rules.

There is nothing better than a wedding going by smoothly and everyone having a great time, but unfortunately sometimes the lack of knowledge of some wedding etiquette rules can leave both couples and guests frustrated.

That's why we asked you, and compiled some of our own wedding etiquette rules to make an easy go to list of everything the couple and their guests should consider:

  1. RSVP!

We genuinely can't stress this enough, there is nothing more disappointing than expecting someone to show up and then they end up bailing.

Your spot is taken account for in planning, catering and more so if you can't actually make it don't say "Inshallah" and then simply not show up on the day.

2. Stick to the number of people invited on the card

Although the person you may want to bring along uninvited is someone the couple loves, but couples have budgets, capacities, and other reasons why they might not have invited them, it's not fair to the couple to add people to their wedding party.

3. Do not bring children unless the couple personally and under no pressure approved it

Finding someone you trust with your kids is hard, and sometimes plans fall through last minute, we completely understand but that does not mean that this couples big night is allowed to turn into an amusement park, or have children falling asleep/ crying/ screaming/ stepping on dresses/ and hijacking their wedding.

4. Do not change the seating arrangement

Some couples opt to have a free seating arrangement, while others have a fixed seating arrangement, this is done for many reasons and takes a lot of time effort and thought, do not assume its okay for you to pack up and move to a different table, where sometimes you are forcing others off of their table, or leaving an awkward number of empty chairs and leaving couples and families separated

5. Do not show up late!

This isn't a drop in drop out situation, if you were special enough to be invited to celebrate, please respect the effort the couple has put in and arrive in a timely manner, walking in with el Zafeh and trying to pretend you were there all along, or even worse walking in during the couples first dance or dinner is unacceptable.


Can't believe we still have to say this but: WHITE IS FOR THE BRIDE

Light beige IS FOR THE BRIDE


We can do on but you get the picture.

7. Never wear jeans

Even if it is a beach wedding, or if it is a small family affair, jeans are unacceptable under any circumstance.

8. Do not try to outshine the couple

It's their wedding, you'll have your moment too! Just not today.

9. Do not follow the couple on their breaks.

Some couples choose to have dinner in the hall or venue with their guests, others take it as an opportunity to change, spend some time together and take a little break.

Unless the couple asked for you at the time, give them some breathing space.

10. Refrain from posting on social media unless the couple said it's okay.

Posting other people without their consent can cause a lot of issues, taking photos and keeping memories is something we all want to do, but sometimes over posting or sharing can be an invasion of the couple and guests privacy.

11. Don't try to change their music list

Although you may know this amazing song that will get everyone out of their seats, and sometimes recommendations are welcome, but take it with a grain of salt, don't pesture the DJ for specific songs that the couple may not like.

12. Don't bring bulky gifts to the wedding.

Gift giving is important, and a nice way of showing the couple love during their first days as husband and wife, but bringing bulky boxes to the actual ceremony can cause some logistical issues, and might even get lost in the process, sometimes cards that show you who the gift is from go missing and its just a mess.

13. Envelopes with cash "Ngoot" is completely acceptable though.

14. Don't smoke or drink on the dance floor

15. Even if you don't agree with the couples planning decisions, don't try to change them.

This can apply to everything, if the couple decided they want those centerpieces, don't go around rearranging or changing them unless requested to do so.

16. Don't complain and spread bad vibes.

We all know those guests don't we?

17. Stick to the line in the buffet

Everyone is hungry, just be patient.

18. Make sure to thank your hosts before you leave

19. Know that big events like this aren't easy, give the couple a break.

20. Go to the wedding with a good positive mindset.

The whole point of those events is to celebrate two people starting a life and family together, so go there to celebrate, have fun and honor the couple.

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