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Could Your Hand Sanitizer Ruin Your Engagement/Wedding Ring?

In the past few weeks we've all accepted hand sanitizer as our new best friend, following instructions from W.H.O and the Ministry of Health washing and sanitizing our hands as much as possible, and while you may be protecting your health, have you thought about the impact of these disinfectants on your ring?

Well, it all depends on the elements used to make your ring. Experts say that cleaning agents and disinfectants can cause white gold to wear a little faster, but nothing you will notice in a week or so.

Gems and metals are a different story though, as rubbing alcohol bleach or cleaning supplies derived from chlorine, even antibacterial soaps can slowly but surely break down the brilliance and ruin the shine (in a way that is irreparable) and that's not even the worst of it!

You might also risk ruining the setting of your gems and diamonds as well, by loosing up the pongs holding them in place. The solution isn't to use hand sanitizer any less, the solution is to take rings off, or wear gloves when doing house work or using any of the above mentioned chemicals, keep your hand sanitizer by your side at these difficult times, but also keep a close eye on the rings you love.

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