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Four Showstopping Looks to Consider For Your Jaha Outfit

Planning your Jaha?!

4 ideas before you plan what to wear for your post- corona festivities.

by Reema Dahbour

The first step towards finding the perfect Jaha outfit is for you to ask yourself the following questions.

What exactly will the event include?

The traditions we have as Palestinians, Jordanians or wherever you and your husband may be from are beautiful yet can be overwhelming at times. So one of the main things to consider while choosing what to wear or plan for your Jaha may depends on a few aspects which should be discussed with both families such as:

  • Will it only be a mens Jaha?

  • Where will it take place?

  • Will a Sheikh be there to carry out the signing "Kateb Ktab"?

  • Are you having an after party?

Once you've sorted through these questions you'll be able to begin putting the perfect outfit for the occasion together, here are some of our favorite picks!

1.You can never go wrong with a suit

The trendiest look we have seen on the runway for the past few seasons has been THE SUIT so imagine if it was BRIDAL!

From Ralph and Russo to Elie Saabs and Zuhair Murads iconic looks we have seen on the runways its no doubt this look will give you an edgy yet feminine boss lady bride the new decade is all about. I (Reema Dahbour designed quite a few for my new collections and its all you need for that bridal fashion statement you have been looking for, also a great modest option for the Hijab bride.

2.Timeless Traditional

This is the perfect opportunity to embrace your roots and show them off, Nothing is more beautiful than showing off your heritage in a modern way! Accessorize with the right jewelry, the right hair and hair accessories, shoes, and make up, you simply cannot go wrong.

3.The Modest Bride

Most Hijab wearing brides would find this task difficult, however choosing separates are the key to creating the perfect trendy and modern modest bride. Whether it’s a flowy chiffon top or a skirt and top, you can find a combination of colors and fabrics, that is flattering on you and reflects your personality.

4.The Jumpsuit

Strong, feminine and super stylish, jumpsuits are a great option for your Jaha or Kateb Ktab, they are comfortable, easy to move around in and you can always play with the level of drama you are looking for.

By Reema Dahbour

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