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What Brides need to know planning a Wedding during the Coronavirus outbreak

Let's Face it, being a 2020 bride has taken a big turn because of the Coronavirus outbreak (as if planning a wedding wasn't stressful enough) couples around the world have been driven into a corner of uncertainty, which is why we've asked event planner extraordinaire Eyad Jammal From EJ Productions that has been planning gorgeous weddings for over 10 years to help us answer some of the questions that are keeping our brides up at night.

Questions couples should have:

1. How do I get my venue to help us out even if our contract says its not refundable? Most venues are non-refundable once confirmed but in a situation like this, regulations can change. The venue you chose can help you choose the next best available date for your wedding.

2. I postpone—how do I communicate with my guests? Our advice is that you send out a new e-card to all your guests, specifying the new date and location of your wedding.

3. What's the best way to coordinate with vendors if we postpone? If you have an event management company taking care of everything, then they will handle that. If not, make sure to contact all vendors and update them on your current status. They will inform you about their availability for that day, and will suggest alternative vendors if needed.

4. My wedding is more than eight weeks away. Should we still make a contingency plan? We suggest you keep your plans as is until further notice. Hopefully you won’t need to postpone since there was nothing announced about postponing events happening in the coming 8 weeks.

What are some key questions you should be asking your event planners?

We know its a dreadful phone call to make, consider this your top questions cheat sheet.

1. What are our options if we decide to postpone our wedding? If we’re talking about date options, then we suppose sometime during the month of June or after, it’ll hopefully be safer than now.

2. Will you coordinate with our other vendors on our decision? If you have any particular vendor you’d like to work with, let us know so we manage with them.

3. What is your availability in the coming months if we need to reschedule? Our availability is open, we can manage up to 4 events a day and we’ll manage to secure selected items we need from suppliers ahead of time.

4. What are the monetary implications of postponing or canceling our event? Postponing shouldn’t affect the cost and expenses of your wedding drastically, however do keep in mind that there might be a slight increase in certain elements required. Cancelling on the venue can be quite of a challenge as there can be a chance you’ll lose your secured date and the down payment.

5. What fees are associated with postponing or canceling our wedding? From our experience, postponing will have no additional fees, however a cancellation fee from the venue you confirmed with will be charged, as well as a cancellation fee from the event management company you chose to work with.

6. in Response to COVID-19, is there anything that the venue will be doing differently? It’s no doubt that the issue has impacted the entire world. One thing for sure is that hygiene practices will be maximized more than they were. A clean venue was always priority, it will remain that way but with greater attention.

Most importantly remember, love isn't cancelled, romance isn't cancelled, hope isn't cancelled. Its just a setback.

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