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What Items Can you Check off Your Wedding Checklist During Quarantine?

Trying to plan your wedding is dreamy, exciting and overwhelming.

Alright now try to do that during Quarantine. Did your blood pressure just shoot up?

Well thousands of brides have been planning their 2020 weddings and are now staying home with their thoughts and anxiety over getting everything done.

But you can actually make use of this time and get quite a bit done while you are working from home, we've created this checklist that you can use to make the most out of the current situation.

1. Create a Wedding Vision Board

Some brides have a clear vision of what they want their wedding to look like, if you are one of those brides, start gathering pictures for inspiration, having a vision board (which can simply be a collection of photos on your phone) is extremely important, it can save you so much back and forth with your planner.

2. Create a list of Vendors and suppliers you want to talk to

It is very rare you end up hiring the first planner, florist, or makeup artist you talk to, so create a clear list of your favorites, and you can either call them now if they are available or keep the list for a later time.

3. Explore Hair and Make up Options

Considering a high ponytail for your wedding look? test it out!

Even if you are no expert give it your best shot and take some test photos, see how you like the hairstyle in photos and videos

4. Make a list of your Favorite Songs

Everyone has a song that makes them want to get up and dance, what are yours?

We believe lists that are made over time turn out much better than ones that are rushed, you can always add new songs on later, but start making the basic list of your favorites.

5. Find inspo for your wedding cards Printing your wedding cards isn't as straight forward as it may seem, different textures, designs, layouts the possibilities are endless, so surf the web find what you like the most, and that will save you hours of going through samples later

6. Find your shoes!

If you haven't already found a pair of wedding shoes, and a comfortable second, this is a great time to search the internet for one, but if you find something that requires to be shipped make sure you give yourself a lot of extra time.

7. Start on a good skin care routine

We all want to have glowing skin on our wedding day (and every other day for that matter) and there is no better time to focus on finding a great skin care routine than now.

8. Get moving If you don't already have a fitness routine, this is a great time to start on one as well, think about the cut of your dress, are there any areas that bulge? are there any of your physical aspects that you don't love in photos? now is a good time to think about this and get moving to change them. there are thousands of Youtube video workouts that can help you target certain areas.

Lastly don't worry, you will have more than enough time to do everything, once we get out of this safely

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