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4 Biggest Questions About Furnishing Your House Answered by Expert Interior Designer H2 Interiors

Furnishing your house with your partner is both exciting and stressful!

You often look at houses feeling like they come together naturally, until its your turn to furnish your house and you'll realize its not as easy as it looks.

We asked Luckily we asked some couples their biggest questions when it comes to their new homes, and we asked interior designer extraordinaire Dana Hmaidi. (H2 Interiors) your questions and here is what she said:

Preparing a new home is no doubt a huge challenge for newly weds. Purchasing furniture involves a big buying decision so it is importation to wisely choose the items that you will invest in.

What do you think couples should invest in?

I think it’s important to invest in a good bed as well as mattress. As a married couple it is essential to have a comfortable and stylish bedroom which is what makes it a wonderful investment. A sturdy and high quality bed and mattress will last you years and will provide you with comfortable & healthy sleep. Try to choose neutrals so you don’t get bored of them, or they go out of style. I would say invest in basics so you can change up the style with some accessories (cushions, blankets, etc.) the same would go for investing in sofas for the living room!

What shouldn't couples spend their money on?

When it comes to things to avoid buying for your home, I would say that there are many things that are just not worth the investment.

Matching furniture sets should be avoided. People tend to buy it as they assume it’s the easier choice however it lacks flavor, you will get bored of them and they go out of style by becoming outdated. Focus on finding a sofa that you like and decorate around it. This major piece will set the tone for your living room.

How can newly weds figure out what their "Style" is?

Figuring out what ‘style’ you want your home to be can be especially challenging. Each home should reflect the personality of the owners, and each home tells a story. Each home’s style is what sets it apart from other homes. Even if you hire a designer, you should be the one who tells them what you like whether by showing them photos for inspiration or by having a clear plan. Don’t feel pressured to stick with one style; you can have a mostly classic home yet add some modern pieces. What’s important is that you are comfortable with your home style and that you love it so you do not get bored of it. Always lean towards simplicity. Also, do not copy someone. Be original and have your own taste & style. 

What advice would you give newly weds currently decorating and furnishing their houses?

My advice to newly weds is to not stress out or rush because your home isn’t completely ready. What’s important is that you buy things that you want and take your time to find them (even if that means taking more time for your home to be complete). Whenever you find a photo online of something you like, keep it so it can guide or inspire you.

Best wishes,

Dana Hmaidi. H2 Interiors

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