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5 Easily Printable Idea's That you Can Add to Your Quarantine Wedding

In 2020 we've seen couples fight pandemics and decide on small at home, virtual and intimate weddings, we know that planning your big day is actually a lot of fun, so we thought we'd bring in a little bit of that playfulness into your family only, or at home weddings with some personalized touches that can give a little extra flare to your big day!

1. Chair Signs

Quarantine or not everybody's gotta eat. Take this opportunity to mark your chairs as the new bride and groom, its also serves some cute photo opportunities.

You have endless options on how to do this depending on your theme and personal style, but having signs in a frame could be one of them.

Or you can play around with the shape and wording of the sign to make it more personal.

2. Dessert toppers

You'll be surprised by the number of templates you can find online for easy printable toppers, you could of course just buy some but since their is your wedding, you could personalize them with either your Initials or personal notes.

3. Guestbook Turned into art!

One of the maybe unexpected upsides of having a small intimate wedding is the fact that for once you can control the guestbook situation.

Take this opportunity to create something you can maybe hang up in your home together like this!

This is a thumbprint painting of the guests, and of course you can make variations that suit your taste and tell the story of your day!

4. Custom Drinking Bottles.

These are easier to make than you could imagine, whether you have a favorite drink together or one that reminds you of a special time, or you just want to spice up your wedding table design you can follow easy to do steps on thousands of templates online, print and stick!

5. Advice Cards

This is again a great opportunity to really bring your loved ones in on your wedding day, since its a smaller number people can really write out thoughtful advice and you can keep it as a keepsake from your special day.

The options are endless, and can give that personal flare to your at home or small wedding, let your creative side run wild, and you'll be surprised how fun and memorable the whole experience could be.

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