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5 Gorgeous Local Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Whether you are throwing yourself a bridal shower, or if your best friend is getting married and you want to surprise her and the girls with some gifts that are going to be the cherry on top of your celebration, we've gathered 5 different options that are customization and at different price points so you can save those memories forever ( and our favorite is that they are are local small businesses!)

  1. Silky Satin Pillow Cases from Yours by Lina

You can customize them with different colors and different embroidery, they come in adorable packaging and are a gorgeous addition to anyone's bed.

2. Hats or Clutches from Le Trio

Perfect for a summer wedding, and will defiantly be a useful gift that the bride and her besties will use forever.

3. ChocoBombs or Tailored Sweets box by Mrs.Bakerr

This option is a no brainer, easy to customize and fun for anyone and everyone, and can be tailored to your preferences and budget.

Pro tip: Place your orders in advance so Mrs Baker can unleash her creativity.

4. Zein Jewelry

Earings, necklaces, charms, all in your besties favorite colors, this is a wonderful example of a gift that won't be tossed to the side and will be worn with love.

5. Ayla Naturals Products

Whether you get a set, a tanning oil, or just a lipbalm you can't go wrong with natural products that come packed with goodness.

Those are some of our suggestions, we'd love to hear yours, and happy gifting :)

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