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6 Wedding etiquette Rules to Do or Ditch!

We go through tons of messages and bridal advice, so we can tell you first hand which wedding Etiquette rules to DO or Ditch.

We always want to hear from you as well, so don't forget to send us your hot-takes and advice so we can share it with future brides as well.

1- Do - Think before you post.

We understand the joy your feeling and wanting to share with your loved ones online, but sometimes we need to practice mindfulness when posting every details online, most couples don't mind you sharing but be cautious of other wedding guests and special moments that the couple might want to keep private.

2- Ditch - The high heel rule.

The social pressure to wear high heels at weddings is so 2000- and late, you don't have to spend your night wobbling and uncomfortable.

If you want to opt out to some nice and elegant flats or sandals thats totally fine and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

3- Do - Be honest with your RSVP

Sometimes we feel the pressure when someone is inviting us to their wedding, and we agree just to avoid the awkward tension even though we may already know we'll be out of town, or have another event at the same time.

But there is nothing more disappointing than having empty seats that the couple PAID for just because someone couldn't communicate.

4- Ditch - Coming after the Zaffeh

The bride and grooms entrance shouldn't be held up because not enough guests have arrived on time.

Its a once in a lifetime event, be punctual.

5- Do - Have actual genuine fun

If you want to sit at a table and stare in disapproval, JUST. DON'T.GO.

Either celebrate the couple and enjoy your time or take dem bad vibes somewhere else.

6- Ditch - Feeling obliged to attend if you aren't physically or mentally able to.

Nobody talks about this, and we believe we should start today, sometimes we push ourselves to attend events even though we might be struggling mentally or physically.

We understand that sometimes our friends and family force us to shake something off and celebrate the happy couple but also learn to set your boundaries and make it up to them later somehow if you feel you really cannot get yourself to go and enjoy it.

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