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A Deep Dive Into Aya Tawils Wedding Day Look and Details

After covering Aya Tawils pre-wedding celebrations, its finally time to deep dive into her big day! We asked Aya all of the questions that you would want to know about her look, venue and advice to future brides!

Here is what she had to say to

Tell us about your wedding look

1. Dress: designed & customized by Nour Al Muhtaseb 2. Headpiece by Nour al Muhtaseb 3. Hair by Toni & guy (I’m their brand ambassador) 4. Makeup by bob

Where did you have your wedding and what was the theme?

My wedding took place at the king Hussein club garden, I love classic & I wanted something with a royal touch.

King hussein club was the perfect venue for the theme of my wedding. I even chose simple nude colors for the flowers. They were baby pink, peach & white. I had a touch of gold in the theme as well.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your dress, was it easy or hard to find your dream dress?

My wedding dress was hard to find & I had lots of thoughts & ideas but Nour helped me create the perfect idea and image for my dream dress.

I love simplicity but I love elegance as well. I wanted a simple yet an elegant dress that suits my personality. I chose satin because I love it. French classic is my favorite. The theme of the wedding was classic French garden theme. I loved every single detail of my wedding.

Couldn’t have imagined it to be any better. Even my dress design i chose French style beads. It was all handmade. I chose the perfect royal headpiece that went perfect with the dress.

What was your favorite moment of the wedding? My favorite moment of the wedding is when my husband came to us when I walked down the isle with my eldest brother. It was so touching to me.

What is something you wish you knew before your wedding Something I wish I knew before my wedding? Hmmm nothing I guess. I’m so fulfilled and blessed with everything that happened. I worked so hard for every detail and I researched every single thing me and my husband

If you could give future brides some advice what would it be? My advice to all brides out there: live each and every single moment. Be happy & enjoy your beauty, your love, your friends & family. Make it the best night of your life & just relax. Because everything will be alright and as great as you wish.

Work hard for your wedding & all your wedding preps and details, because one day you do not want to feel or say “only if I did this & that”

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing details of their big day with us, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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