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All the Info you Need Before Choosing a Bridal Bouquet

Every wedding look is completed with the perfect bridal bouquet!

But with endless options how does one actually choose? With many aspects to take into consideration like your personality, your dress, your wedding theme and setup, trends, and the overall vibe you want to give off, which is why we have put together a list of different styles and ideas to inspire you while looking for the bouquet of your dreams!

1- keep it simple

A mixture of whites and greens or just whites is a timeless combination, giving angelic vibes while remaining classy and classic.

2- Seeing Red

Many people consider the color red the color of love and passion, it could also be an interesting pop of color that will surely grab everyone's attention

3- Lets Get Wild!

This one is for the brides that want a bouquet that is just as vivid as them! Using a variation of colors, sizes, textures and has that effortlessly put together vibe.

4- A POP of color

Not wanting a fully white bouquet, but also not something too over the top? you can have the best of both worlds by adding a pop of color to your bouquet.

5- Keeping it trendy.

We often see trends in everything around us, and flowers are no different.

In 2019 Lebanese star Nadine Njaim Started a Baby breathe Frenzy! and we saw more and more brides inspired by this trend, and of course the trends change almost every year and might be fun to research and draw inspo

6- Unconventional Styles

We've put together some interesting ideas that you might try on your big day

Playing with different ways to hold your bouquet.

Dare to be different, this bride had a symbolic attachment to her bouquet, and took this daring step

Engraved pendants are a lovely way to have a token from your bouquet for the future and add a personalized touch

Feeling as light as a feather! many brides have feathers in their dresses or setup and you can also add them to your flowers!

7- Bling it On!

Want to maintain a simple look for your bouquet but you also want to add some drama, adding rhinestones to the flowers themselves will add sparkle especially in photos, and will add a lot of lux to the handle

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