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Answering Couples Burning Questions about Small 2020 Weddings

2020 has been a definite roller-coaster, and we don't even know where its headed to couples that were meant to get married this summer, from quarantine weddings, virtual Kateb Ktab's, family parties, to rumors about a 50 person max wedding capacity.

Well... that's not exactly the Jordanian way, but many couples might actually go for it!

We asked expert wedding planner Eyad Jammal From EJ productions some of your burning questions about smaller weddings.

If weddings become smaller does that give you more or less options for venues?

Choosing the most suitable venue is an incredibly essential part in planning. When couples decide to celebrate their wedding with a limited number of people, usually what we’d suggest are options for smaller venues. This doesn’t give us less options however it gives us the opportunity to operate weddings in a lot of smaller venues that can accommodate the number perfectly.

Will venues look empty if it's less?

This depends on how well we can manage with the space given to us. The purpose of choosing the most suitable venue is to know how to plan out your seating and distribute your wedding decoration evenly. Create wow-factors in every corner.

Whether it was the dance floor, table centerpieces, photo-booth, or even a stunning backdrop. Enriching the space is important. To prevent your venue from looking empty, prioritize the table seating and layout. This can be tricky but the eye can spot anything that doesn’t seem complete. Select the items you feel should show the most and this will give an overall enhanced look for your wedding.

if couples are opting for smaller weddings, what do you think they should prioritize their budgets on?

Allocating your wedding budget wisely is important. Prioritizing is mostly based on what the couple would want to invest most in. Whats most important is to treasure the experience itself rather than your wedding elements.

We usually advise our couples to invest in the most memorable things to them. For instance, most couples want to invest most in affording a highly skilled photographer, others invest in the catering. For smaller weddings its mostly ideal to keep these experiences memorable. Rather than spending a fortune on furniture and flowers, allocate your budget where you think deserves the most attention.

Can you still get a fully glamorous weddings if its only for 50 people?

The bigger the wedding doesn't necessarily mean the more glamorous it is. You can create a stunning setup for a very small number of people. Think of areas that you can play around with to glamorize the look and feel. It can be as simple as installing a full ceiling of fairy-lights, that itself can boost its entire appearance.

What can you cut out of your budget with a smaller wedding

Smaller weddings would save a whole lot of your budget. Some elements needed in a bigger wedding can be avoided or dropped in smaller ones. For instance larger weddings would need wider dance floors, a large truss structure, extra furniture to accommodate all guests, and more flower decorations and arrangements to fill the space. These are some factors that bring up the numbers in your wedding budget. Think of ways were you can use existing elements that can make up for these costly items.

Special thank you to Eyad Jammal, and his team for always helping us answer our couples questions, and let us know if you have more!

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