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Bridal Wisdom and Gorgeous Wedding Details from Lama Abu Amara

Your wedding day is a day when you learn a lot of important things, and then you wish someone told you them before you planned your wedding!

That's why we are on a mission to bring you bridal experiences that are going to melt your heart and teach you a thing or two in the meantime.

Todays bride is the definition or bridal radiance, Lama Abu Amara.

This bride turned heads and has people still talking about her wedding look years later!

Here is what she had to say to Everything Weddings:

Tell us about your wedding look!

You wore a gorgeous custom Reema Dahbour gown, how was the design process and what was the inspiration behind your dress?

I wanted something grand. I got in touch with Reema while I was still in the US and we started a mood board for the things I wanted and things I didn’t. I had a lot of ideas in mind. Reema was able to have me focus on specific statement pieces in my dress. These were the fabric, the train, the veil and most importantly the sleeves!

One day, Reema was in Paris and she texted me, “Lama I found the fabric for your dress!”. The crystal beaded fabric was imported and she made sure every little detail is taken care of. I actually only had 2 or 3 fittings in total. One 4 months before the wedding and the other one was a couple of weeks before. Reema, as a professional designer would, had input on my look overall. In search for a headpiece, nothing was comparable to the custom made one I got from Krikor Jabotian. The handmade jaw dropping details were stunning! And my unique updo by Leon El Hajj was exactly what was needed to complement my look.

Where was your wedding held and what was the theme?

My wedding was at The Four Seasons hotel in Amman. The theme was Geometric Luxe. Our wedding planners, Vivant Group put together a magnificent setup. Everything had a hint from the theme, from our logo, to the dance floor, to the placement cards, to the ceiling decor, to the focal wall in the hall. It was executed perfectly!

What was your favourite moment of your wedding?

Hard to pick one! The whole day was unforgettable! To name a few moments: Getting ready with my bridesmaids, taking pictures and laughing, our first dance, our entrance, and just about all the fun we had.

Looking back at your wedding if you could give brides advice about their weddings what would you say?

Oh I have a few. Got a pencil? It comes down to 3 things:

My first advice: Don’t compromise and do what you please! It’s a once in a lifetime type of day and it’s yours! My extremely long train was gorgeous for pictures, when I entered the hall and walked down with my dad, but after the first part of the night, it really weighed on me. So I asked Reema to come up to our suite and with a team effort (and a few tears from Reema! Kidding!) Leon, Reema and my hubby cut the train! That went viral and got a lot of hits on social media and I remember people criticizing me like crazy! But I didn’t care. All I kept thinking was it’s my dress and my night. I want to enjoy it the way I want.

My second advice: when selecting your wedding photographer, remember that you are picking a story teller. So go with someone who understands you and gets along with both of you personally! That was important to me and my husband and Avo and his team met all expectations! Avo made it fun and effortless and that showed in all of our pictures on the wedding day and our pre-wedding shoot.

My third and last advice: Laugh it all off! Things will go wrong. You just need to laugh and enjoy the day. We had a few things that didn’t go according to plan the day of our wedding but they eventually turned out even better than what was originally planned.

Thank you to the wonderful couple for sharing some details of their big day with us, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness

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