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Deciding to get married during a global pandemic, Bride Farah Kanaan gives us the details

We know some bold Jordanian couples have decided to ditch the ordinary and fight for their love, quarantine weddings have inspired so many brides around the world to have intimate weddings and celebrate their love sooner rather than later.

One particular bride turned heads with her look and charm, so we decided to get you some insight on what goes on in a quarantine wedding, here is what Farah Had to say:

Our wedding was originally set on April 10th!! Farah explained while we asked her about her dream big 200 person Jordanian spring themed hotel wedding turned into a small less than 10 person intimate wedding in a midst of a pandemic.

How did you come to decide on having your wedding during quarantine?

One month before the wedding the country started closing down, we hoped thing would get better in a week or two but it didn't it got worse as a matter of fact but we were ready, our house was ready and everything else. Our families were really supportive of this difficult decision it wasn't the easiest decision to make but we looked at it in the most positive way possible and neglected any negativity.

We believed Its the best time to take this decision, I think this break will never come along again, its a chance for us to clear our minds from the ongoing stress we deal with in our life since my husband and I run our own event planning business called Kikids_Party, I actually didn't have that much time to plan for my wedding! Corona stopped the world and gave us time and we decided to spend it together with no work related stress.

Since the whole country was in lock down how did you prepare for the wedding?

The wedding took place at my house, everything from the set-up to the dress was handmade with the help of my friends, sisters and mom. It was a great experience.

What about your hair and makeup, and where did you get your dress from?

I did my own hair and make up, my friend created a beautiful headpiece for me her name is Latoya headpieces I literally told her two days before to create something for me!  and I wore my sisters 15 year old engagement dress and added some handmade alterations since I couldn't go out and buy one due to the curfew.

What was your Favorite part of the celebration?

Considering the tough time most people are going through during this pandemic we took some of the money that was supposed to be spent on our lavish wedding and donated it to less fortunate families which were suffering in these difficult times and this was definitely my favorite part of my wedding.

How did your families react to this decision?

It wasn't easy for our families as I have a sister who lives abroad and couldn't attend but we tried to use video conferencing to have everyone join in from all over the world and it turned out perfect. I advise other brides to do the same ! It was a bold move but the best decision I've made and we are really enjoying our time together, were planning a small party for our friends and family later on once the time is right.

What would you tell 2020 brides:

We are SPECIAL! 

Wishing this lovely couple a lifetime of happiness together, we deeply thank you for sharing your story with us and inspiring couples in love all around.

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