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Details from Majd Jabers Lemon Garden Engagement

From a traditional Kateb Ktab to a Lemon Garden Themed Family dinner, bride to be Majd Jaber tells us the details of her engagement looks, set up and biggest lesson learned on

Tell us about your look.

How did you choose your dress hair make up, head piece?

I had my Kateb Ktab look very traditional with a Thobe and a head piece from Noura Al Zubaidi, that went with the theme of my whole kateb ktab.

Traditional elements were added to everything in my Kateb Ktab even our desserts.

For my second look that was for our family dinner, I wanted something elegant and gave royal vibes that I absolutely love!

My hair was done by Boudi Kaderi

As for my make up it was done by Make up By Adam

What was the theme of your engagement and how did you choose it?

My theme was the Lemon garden, I just love the colors and the mood it gives off so I felt it would be perfect for my engagement, since it really brings me joy. The setup was by Ievents.

What is something you learned from planning your engagement that you will keep in mind when planning your wedding?

Actually my sister Malak and brother Mosab did all the planning 😁 which I am very grateful for, and I really believe the biggest lesson I learned was that at the end what truly matters is having your family around and your favorite people.

Thank you so much to the lovely couple for sharing parts of their engagement with us, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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