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Dina Al Bakri Tells us How her Wedding Came Together

Love always wins! This is a bridal story that is going to bring joy into your heart, bride Dina Al Bakri tells us the tale of how her big day, was postponed and then came together in a beautiful way.

Although we usually ask questions this one is more of a story, so grab a cup of tea and lets go!

My wedding experience have changed my perspective on big festivals and wedding parties and have made me certain that love wins no matter what , and that our celebrations with our beloved close ones is what makes every occasion magical.

The story is no different than the other brides of 2020 . My wedding date was in 22.August.2020 , due to the pandemic it was postponed/cancelled obviously . It wasn’t easy , I have to say . It was really stressful not knowing to plan anything from the wedding date , venue , dress ,DJ , and even the other paper work I had to do because I will be moving with my husband . As a couple , it took us a while to cope that our long distance relationship will last longer than planned , but as I said love and patience is the key.

In August 22 ( which was the original wedding date ) my husband managed to fly back to Jordan and had his 14 days of quarantine done .so we decided on our new date 14.September .

Thankfully , I had no worries about my wedding dress nor my Makeup , as I have chosen to go to the perfect place to pick a wedding dress at Bianca Rosa . I have tried my dress and from the first moment I saw it I fell in love and I knew that this was my dream dress . For the makeup I chose Mai salman which also did the makeup for my engagement , and I had no doubt she was going to nail my makeup and give me the desired perfect look.

My wedding planner and my favorite one was my mother . She took control of everything from flowers to tables to center pieces..etc . Everything was perfectly done because she knew her daughter more than anybody else , everything was very thoughtful, well presented and just perfect . 

14.9.2020 THE BIG DAY , we decided to invite our very close beloved ones to a dinner at the St.Regis Hotel . It was marvelous! We had the table decorated and set by Our planner (mom) of course ! Everything was absolutely wonderful .

Before this event , we had a photoshoot done at the Hotel and we had everyone there ( the makeup artist , hair dresser ( haneen ) , photographers, video graphers ( Anas alkurdi & jaafar ) , etc ) and my sisters joined and got dressed at the Hotel as well . I wouldn’t have enjoyed this day more than that , it was even more magical than I have imagined . I always thought I would not have a small wedding and I enjoyed big parties and events , But COVID’19 played a big Role in changing my way of view on weddings and In occasions in general .

My favorite part about planning the day was the dress fitting and the favorite detail was my bouquet 💐

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing their big day with us, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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