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"Everything Happens For A Reason" Insight into Catherine Baqain's Wedding

Happy brides are the prettiest!

2020 bride Catherine Baqain had her vision for her wedding ready since 2019, but what happened when a global pandemic took over the world?

Well the couple had to role with the punches, and here is how Catherine celebrated her wedding.

Our wedding was set to be on the 31st of July 2020, and we had booked the date since November 2019. When Corona happened we were a bit confused on what to do, as plans were constantly changing and there was so much uncertainty on how things would plan out!

But I was always a big believer that everything happens for a reason so that’s why we stuck to our same wedding date and decided to go through with it no matter what happens even of we’ll end up doing it without a reception.

Thankfully as days went by, we were lucky enough that we were able to do a full wedding reception, we weren't able to do it at the same venue that we decided on in the beginning, we ended up doing it at a spectacular farm and celebrated with our 100 loved ones.

It was perfect and if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change a thing, noting that the electricity went out for around an hour but still, it was perfect!

My wedding look was very simple, as I generally like very elegant and simple styles.

I’ve always imagined my wedding dress to a simple white dress, with minimal beading and glissing and the designer Sarah Abbas managed to design the wedding dress I’ve always wanted.

And my headpiece was from Reem Aljanabi and I chose it to be Olive tree leaves as my wedding theme was a Green wedding made of Olive tree leaves.

And of course my hair was done by the awesome Boudi and the Make up by the artist Adam from Souheil & Bob So Yes, Everything happens for a reason and we chose that date for a reason and the great memories that were made during that day made me believe in it even more :)

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing some insight from their big day with us, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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