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Everything You Need To See From Zeinah Makki's Wedding

The Lebanese actress that rose to fame after participating in several top line Lebanese TV shows took the world by storm with her wedding look!

While the public was very polarized in regards to her look, the happy brides spirit is defiantly going to bring your spirits up, we have the full breakdown of her wedding look, and some closer footage from the party on

One of our favorite things about Zeinah Makkis look is that it was made with a lot of love.

Her dress was designed by a close friend of hers @shadyzeineldine that sketched, presented, and had approval of her dress within minutes!

Hair and make up were by Hair by @michelzeytoun and @Micheletcolette

Makeup by @Coletteiskandar who is also a close friend of hers.

Her groom serenaded her with the song that he wrote and composed (it can't get any cuter than this) while she actually directed the music video and featured in it because Nabil Khoury said he can't imagine anyone else doing it.

Last but more defiantly not least there was some aggressive cake cutting AND WE ARE TOTALLY HERE FOR IT!

Seeing a couple radiate happiness and celebrate their love is always a heartwarming sight.

Wishing the lovely couple a lifetime of love and happiness

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