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Everything You Want To Know About Aya Tawils Kateb-Ktab, Bridal shower & Henna

There is nothing in the world more beautiful than celebrating true love! Todays bride Aya tawil has had some fantastic Kateb Ktab, Pre-wedding and Henna looks that we are going to take a deep dive into before the full feature about her big day!

We asked Aya about all of her looks and events and here is what she had to say to

Lets start at the beginning at my Kateb Ktab, my outfit was a Kuftan from Kashkha, my hair was done at Toni & Guy and my make up was by Rashed Tughoj

The inspiration behind my katb ktab look was something I knew I wanted all along

I wanted something different & simple, yet elegant.

I chose the color baby blue instead of wearing white again because I wanted to be different than the other brides & also because it’s one of my favorite colors. I feel elegant while wearing such colors.

We also did a pre wedding party after the katb ktab, same day at katb ktab. I wore an orange colored outfit from Gizzia Jordan. It’s one of my favorite Turkish brands. I wanted something crazy yet sexy, something out of my comfort zone, because usually I don’t like wearing funky colors. I wanted to party hard with all our friends & make memories together before getting married. The lounge/ place the party took place at was Lounge at 7, the boulevard.

For my Bridal shower I got my outfit from Machka Turkiye, I got it from Turkey. I love this brand (Machka) I had my hair done at Toni & Guy.

My make up was by Makeup By Adam

My Theme for my bridal shower was vintage/ Garden with baby pink, rose & gold colors.

My Favorite moment of the party was when I entered all of my friends family & my loved ones were waiting for me & were so happy for me.

And most importantly the look in my mothers eyes ❤️

For our Henna party my outfit was by Kashkha again,hair by Toni and Guy and I actually did my makeup myself that night.

This event was such a traditional and different celebration. For me it was so special and touching because I never saw anything like this before.

The point of this celebration is to put Henna on the brides finger & the grooms finger and to tie them together, it’s like good luck and now they are in one soul. They complete each other.

Money was wrapped around our indexes after the henna & candy and chocolate was thrown at us when we first entered, this is like good luck for the both of us.

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing some details from their celebrations with us, we can't wait until the wedding feature.

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