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Everything You Want To Know About Zeina AlBashir's Wedding

Todays bride is a special one, with a vibrant wedding theme, a gorgeous Laith Maalouf dress, and some gorgeous magazine worthy shots, have come together at Zeina AlBashir's wedding day.

All of her look details, her favorite parts and more are on our website

Here is what she said to us:

Tell us about your wedding look, how did it come together? The process of choosing my dress was not the smoothest, I actually started out by trying over 20 dresses, and after trying one after the other I came across my dress by Laith Maalouf! The moment I saw it I knew it was the one and I had my fairytale moment when I tried it on.

I was never too obsessed with the idea of a wedding dress, but when I saw mine I instantly fell in love, I wish I could wear it everyday.

What about your hair and makeup?

For my hair I went to Musa I have been going to Musa since I was a high school student almost 11 years he did my hair on my graduation and now he did it on my wedding day.

For my make up Bob Berri was my make up artist of choice for my wedding day, with a smokey yet simple look.

I didn’t want to wear a head piece but I wore two veils ! I think the bride has to wear a veil on her wedding it’s her crown 👑

You had some wonderful shots from your photoshoot, tell us about the process?

Having Avo as a yoga instructor and a photographer made my life much easier, he captured some beautiful moments, and exactly the vibe we were after.

What was your favorite part of the wedding planning process? The best two things in the planning was choosing the wedding theme!! All the setup was مجنونة because people believe our vibes are crazy vibes like the flower so Shahin and Shahin made our dream come true 🌺

What was your favorite song to dance to?

Honestly it would be hard to choose, since Alawneh did an amazing job the whole night, but especially our song, he took a classical song and turned it into a full مهرجان and it was so much fun.

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing details of their big day with us, wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness.

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