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Five Gorgeous Kateb Ktab and Engagement Looks

Some outfits last forever, and your Kateb Ktab outfit is defiantly one that is going to stay in your memories for the rest of your life, different brides go in different directions and we have a selection of gorgeous brides to be that have turned heads on their Kateb Ktab or engagements!

Here are some of our favorites in no particular order

Joud Amoum

Joud got her dress from Ayat AL zouby, Joud says she didn't want to wear a jumpsuit and wanted a cool color pop to her white dress so she choose pistachio!

Rand Karadsheh

Rand got her elegant dress from French Mannequin, she said it was love at first sight and perfect for her engagement dinner.

Yara Alameh

Bride to be Lara got her dress from Aden while looking for something simple.

Israa Athamneh

Israa customized her outfit while coming up with the idea herself! she said she wanted to shy away from the color white, and adding beading as well as feather details on the bottom.

Nour Soudani

Nour got her dress from Tatyana Aceeva, and has really found everything she was looking for in it says:

I choose it because it’s a combination of everything I wanted for such an event:

- A beautiful design

- Light color

- The perfect length

- A touch of beads and feathers

Thank you to these lovely brides to be for sharing their outfits with us and answering our questions, wishing you all the best

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