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Five Romantic Places to Propose In Jordan

In recent years we've seen couples get more and more creative with their proposals, of course we can all agree that we have an extra few layers of customs when it comes to marriage, but that doesn't mean you can't still plan a special moment for you and your partner, and luckily we have quite a big list of romantic places you can plan your proposal in, and we are going to be here to help you out!

1- The lowest point on earth

There are two paths you can take here, the first being the adventuous path (but you will get some amazing photos) or the resort path.

The other Path is one of the dead sea Resorts, you will need to plan ahead and maybe even visit the site before if you want to set something up, but even if you make a simple reservation at sunset its bound to be breathtaking.

The Dead Sea Salt Pools have captured the whole worlds attention as they are really unique and pretty much out of a movie, but if you want to get down on one knee here, there are somethings you should consider:

  • You will Need some help to get there

  • You need to go before sunset

  • Make sure you have someone to capture those moments and knows where you are going

2- Hot Air Balloon

Remember the cute proposal video that took the internet by storm a few weeks ago, a hot air balloon proposal is one everyone is bound to remember, RASCJ are even offering Jordanians 40% off their rides.

3- Wadi rum

Frank Sinatra said fly me to the moon, Jordanians say take me to Mars!

There is nothing more scenic than Wadi Rum, which is why it has been Hollywood's hot-spot in Jordan, and here you can either plan a day filled with activities, from hikes, off-roading and maybe a little photo-shoot.

And of course you can always take the more Lux approach and visit one of the Bubble Camps in Wadi rum, you can check before hands for nights with the best star gazing conditions and plan a beautiful proposal under the stars

4- Petra

Do we even need to explain this one?

One of the worlds wonders, gorgeous backdrops for days, and an all day activity that you can always remember.

here are somethings to consider before you decide on Petra:

  • It's physically demanding

  • You aren't going to look your best if you don't plan it right

  • A full day activity

5- On top of Amman

You don't have to go far to have an unforgettable time, we have some gorgeous spots in Amman, and although the list could go on forever with some stylish spots with great food and views here are two of our favorites.

if you are planning a date night for just the two of you we recommend

  1. Chesters - Le Royal hotel

This is a Hidden gem in Amman, but make sure you book the tables by the edge for one of the best views.

2. Enso Terrace

If you are planning on doing something with your friends Enso Terrace in The W Hotel is a fantastic spot to have a great time, great music, great atmosphere and fantastic hospitality.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, the most important thing to keep in mind is to make it personal, think about your partners interests, special memories or places for both of you and plan accordingly.

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