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Five Simple Pro Tips To Spice Up Your Winter Wedding

Since our winter extension has come to an end, its time to take a deep dive into what the experts have to tell you about hosting a winter wedding.

Every season has its beauty and there are always ways you can incorporate the elements into your celebration of love!

Here are our experts top tips for those getting married this winter:

There are so many different directions and ways you can incorporate what feels like a winter theme to you!

Whether its a woody burgundy vibe, or crisp white wonderland take the outside in and enjoy your winter wedding.

2- Find the sparkle

Days get shorter nights get darker, so why not brighten the setting up with some twinkle lights, most vendors have them and they shouldn't be too expensive to add.

3- Add a touch of ice to your bouquet

Do you have classic taste? Or do you want something with a bit more personality.

If you want to stick to a white bouquet you can add touches of darker more exotic flowers to add some flare.

4- Think of different ways to decorate and remember you don't have to stick to whats been done in the past.

5- Consider winter themed favors!

Big or small, simple or extravagant there are so many special winter favors that your guests will love!

The bottom line is, so many couples try to hide the cold weather and pretend like its not winter, when in reality there is a way you can bring in the beauty of the weather into different details of your wedding and make it as special as possible.

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