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How Leema Transformed Her Backless Wedding Dress into a Hijabi one!

A wedding dress is supposedly the most important dress you’ll ever wear in your life, the only princess-like dress a girl may get the chance to wear EVER. In some cases The wedding dress may turn into a dilemma or a cause of stress especially in my case!!

I started looking for my wedding dress 6 months before the wedding and I found exactly what I had imagined, the perfect Taffeta material with 3D flowers bust design bateau neck, backless and two Taffeta large bows on the lower back, it was perfect I was so happy and to be honest RELIEVED!! because the wedding outfit is 70% of the whole wedding tasks.

Months came by and we had to change the location of the wedding for logistical reasons but I had one issue, I wear the hijab and I bought a non-hijabi dress and here appeared my new challenge which was to turn my backless wedding dress into a full covered hijabi dress.

To be honest at I had no specific design only a very clear image in my head and a bunch of pictures on my phone that may interpret the image in may head and this where the search begins.

First, my conquest for the suitable fabric came in, i searched for weeks at all local stores for my dress’s perfect match but there was always a deal breaker the pattern was not close, the color shade was off or its just not right!! I had to turn to the “ ordering online” option which was very risky but I had to do it!! I started searching and reading reviews and adding to my favorite list until I found a specific fabric that seemed very relevant to my dress but still I couldn't dare to order yet so I kept it in my favorites list for weeks!! until T sensed that the wedding date is only getting closer and there’s still one step I had to do “ The sewing” so I took a leap of faith and ordered the fabric online, weeks later it arrived and I was speechless!! it resembled so much to my wedding dress you could have sworn the fabric was custom made for it.

Thank god the world is saved!! the perfect fabric has arrived and it was the perfect match, I still couldn't interpret the image I had in mind so another search begins for the perfect tailor and after visiting a couple of tailors finally my heart rested for one for she was the one who could understand what I had in mind. We started covering the dress bit by bit, first the sleeves then the back then the neck and finally the dramatic extra long cape every bride dreams of and finally its ready and just needed some extra sparkle where I personally and by hand added some crystals to the 3d flowers.

The final step was when I gathered the cut and scraps and leftover fabric which had dozens of 3d flowers and gave them to the turban designer who helped me come up with a movable design to pull off three different looks for my wedding and it was so perfect.

Weddings are no picnic! They are a lot of work, commitment, pressure and tons of decisions to be made, but its a great time to enjoy and get to know your partner and share such lovely details with.

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