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Honest Bridal Advice from Dina Yassin & Her Wedding Details

There is nothing we love better than when the universe aligns the pieces of a wedding together for a lovely brides, and we love it even more when those brides share their bridal wisdom with us and all brides to be, todays bride Dina Yassin shares the details of how she found her dress in a few days and her top four pieces of bridal advice and all the different aspect of her wedding.

1- Tell us about your wedding look, where did you get your dress from and how did you choose it?

I had 5 days business trip to turkey and I barely had time for shopping. I heard picking the perfect dress takes month so I didn’t want to waste my time looking at dresses. Then one of my close friends sent me that The designer Ebru östurk has a new collection and I should pay her a visit. I checked the page and found this dress. I fall in love with the non symmetrical design and that it looks different from every angle. Ebru and the team were the nicest and most professional team. They fixed it within 2 days and they helped supported me when I was all alone saying YES TO THE DRESS!

2- Where did you get your hair and make up done, and your head piece?

I did my hair and makeup at Marina&I salon. Hair by Ibrahim Zarour and makeup by Marina Zarour. The team is really professional and they know the meaning of simplicity and elegance. “Not so much but no so little”. I love their salon and the no stress vibe they gave me.

3- What's it like planning a wedding those days? What was the hardest part?

The hardest part of course was finding a VENUE! Specially that our families wanted a venue inside Amman. We managed to find the perfect venue and the team was very supportive.

4- what advice would you give brides that are getting married soon?

I don't just have one piece of advice, I actually have four and here they are:

1.Enjoy your wedding. Enjoy every single second from the moment you open your eyes. Try not to get annoyed from the little details because they won't matter in the big picture.

2. Welcome your guests. Bridal entrance is too mainstream and becoming boring. I loved that I had time to mingle and talk with my family and friends. I mean why waste time waiting? It’s your day!

3. Keep saying الحمدلله all the time during the wedding because it is really a dreamy day. You get to be the bride marrying the love of your life.

4. Get live entertainment! we should start appreciating live music and the vibe it creates. This was my favorite part of our wedding

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing details of their big day with us, we wish you a life filled with love and happiness.

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