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How Did Haya Anabtawi Find her Laith Maalouf Engagement Dress?

Updated: May 19, 2020

Sometimes looking for the perfect engagement dress is just as difficult as finding the perfect wedding dress!

We all know the hassle of finding a great evening dress, let alone your engagement dress, and this is the story of how bride to be Haya Anabtawi found her gorgeous frozen blue Laith Maalouf dress:

Did you have a clear idea of what you wanted your engagement dress to look like?

"Looking for an engagement dress was such a hassle for me, very stressing"

it wasn’t that easy as I wasn’t sure what I was looking for to be honest, unlike the wedding dress.

It would’ve been so much easier if i was shopping for my wedding dress because I would have an idea of what I want and what to look for.

What were the boxes you were looking to tic off when looking for a dress then?

All I knew was to look for something extraordinary and different.

Where did you look?

I followed many friends and family recommendations, but didn't find anything I was drawn to, ended up visiting Laith Maalouf and found what I was looking for!

Your dress was custom made for you by Laith Maalouf how did this come about?

I did find the dress I was looking for AT HIS BRIDAL BOUTIQUE!

He had a really nice white “wedding” dress that I couldn't resist trying it on. the minute i tried it on I felt it was the one so we started discussing if he can customize something similar with the RUFFLES and what colour.

He customized something that I absolutely loved and added some special touches to it on a difficult time frame.

How long did your dress take to make?

It took about a month, although I gave him a short notice and had to leave to Canada.

Thank you to Haya for sharing her story with us, we love seeing Jordanian designers beautiful creations.

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