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How Sarah Abbas Celebrated her Kateb Ktab

Fashion designer Sarah Abbas celebrated her Kateb Ktab in a unique, customized dress that she envisioned for herself.

What was the inspiration and details behind it? Everything Weddings asked Sarah and here is what she had to say:

" With our whole theme and inspiration behind the setup, the dress actually came first."

I knew I wanted Greek Goddess Vibes for my dress, so we did everything from scratch and by hand!

From the design, the beading, and everything was done by me so I can get the dress of my dreams.

My Make up was by Talah al Alami at The Spot.

My head piece was made by Dalia Jewelry

Our theme was "Secret Garden" which was also inspired by my dress, since I wanted everything to go together nicely, and the setup was done by EvenTone.

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing this exciting day with us, can't wait for the wedding!

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