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How to Choose your Make-up Look for your Wedding Or special Occasion?

Every bride is different, and every face is special.

Rashed Toghuj Make up Artist, has worked with many blushing brides and clients since the beginning of his career, but how does the make up artist, and the client choose the perfect look?

Most of the time if you are in good hands and you have a clear view of what suits your face and your personal preferences getting the right make up look for you is a breeze.

But sometimes its not as easy where do you draw the line between trying something new and exciting and sticking to what you know? How do you even get your point across to your MUA?

We asked Rashed to give us a quick and easy guide to help you figure out what kind of look you are looking for:

Choosing the look of your big day can get a bit complicated; happily, we got you some tips, tricks and examples of things that can help you choosing and referencing the look of your dreams!

When trying to choose the perfect look, keep these things in mind:

1. your face and features! these are key when choosing a right makeup look for your big day!

2. the style! style is important, I would say; keep things classic, so whenever year you see your picture, you’re going to be still in love with your looks!

Experimenting with trends and bold looks is always fun and a good idea, but for special occasions I always advice for a timeless look.

3. think of this quote ‘less is more’ and not meaning not to apply anything, you can literally apply it all in a very smart way.

Here are some look examples to make you understand what we mean!

For this look we went for a bold lip color, but as you can see the eye make up is flattering but still relatively subtle.

And of course you can never go wrong with a cat eye-liner, and some gorg lashes to give that sultry look that is so beautiful yet still timeless.

Lastly stay true to yourself, you still want to look like yourself and celebrate the features that make you beautiful, communicate with your makeup artist and trust the process.

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