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How Zena Zananiri Planned her Wedding in 12 Hours

If 2020 was movie it would be called expect the unexpected, but bride Zena Zananiri has refined the short notice wedding!

The idea of planing and executing a wedding in 12 hours may seem like a miracle but this lovely couple managed it wonderfully and created memories that will last them a lifetime, while showing that once the love is there everything else will fall into place.

Here is what Zena had to say to Everything Weddings:

- What was it like planning a wedding during a pandemic?

It was stressful to be honest, we changed the date and the venue multiple times. Its not at all easy for any bride or groom to plan a wedding in the midst of a pandemic, even the simplest detail like sending the wedding invite was kept for last minute, nothing was taken for granted while planning. When the date was finally decided new rules and regulations where applied so we moved our wedding day up several days and got married with just immediate family. In the midst of so much loss, this pandemic gave us so much. We were given a fresh perspective on what is truly important and a magical, intimate wedding day full of meaning and memories and guess what you can actually plan and execute a wedding in 12 hours !

-Tell us about your wedding look Hair make up dress etc 

My dress was done by the talented designer Mohammad Abo Abdo, Hair by Loro Capelli Salon and Makeup by Shadi Hamadneh at Loro Capelli Salon. 

- What did you originally have in mind for your wedding and how did it change 

We were planning on a beautiful 300 person destination wedding but shortly we realized it was farfetched with everything happening around us but one thing we were sure is that we want to get married and we tried as much as possible not to let COVID ruin the joy and the ability for us to be together. At first I struggled to let go of the fairy-tale notions of what your wedding day ‘should be.’ However, after I let go of the ‘should be’s,’ I figured out what marriage truly meant.

- Who was your photographer? Can you show us your favorite picture?

My photographer was the talented Dalia Naber, she captured every emotion. Her spirit and energy made this day more memorable.

This is my favorite picture, this beautiful photo just made me feel that my beautiful mama was watching over me from the skies on that special day.

- What was your favorite moment of the wedding

The moment when we said our vows, “I do and I will be here” and were announced as husband and wife.

- What was the funniest song to dance to?

"Come on lets twist again!" Our twist moves weren’t that ideal 😊

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing some of their big day with us, we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together.

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