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Inside Rachelle Fakhouris Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

Remember when guest list limitations weren't a thing?

Yeah so do we!

In a small detour from 2020 COVID weddings, lets look back to Rachelle Fakhouris Great Gatsby themed wedding:

Let dive into Rachelle's wedding look:

The Dress Was by Laith Maalouf.

My Makeup was done by Omar Elias.

Hair by Saif Alhamawi

We had our wedding at The Fairmont, it was photographed Utopia, and our event planner was IEvents, and our theme was a night with Gatsby 1920 take on glamorous today.

What was your favorite moment of your wedding?

My favourite moment was at one point after dinner everyone was on the dance floor literally the hall was empty and everyone was dancing it felt so surreal and that the hall was just filled with so much love.

What was the most stressful moment of the planning process?

I like everything to be perfect I guess and if it’s not then it’s not good enough. I had so little time between the engagement and the wedding so I was literally planning for both at the same time. Thankfully I had the best support system <3

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing some details from their big day with us, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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