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Inside Rawan Bawabs Heartfelt Proposal and Engagement

We've always seen surprise proposals on TV and movies, but today we have a story that will make you feel those love butterflies, Rawan Bawab tells us the details of how her fiance surprised her with a heartfelt proposal, and her engagement look details on

You had a very heartfelt proposal, can you tell us the story?

We need to do a quick background check🙈: Majd and I have been together since 22.08.2014 we are the same age and we went to university together, went to Germany came back and graduated together.

Now the proposal: after the proposal he told me that he started planning it since march and i had absolutely no clue,, on the 12th of June he told me that we are going out, and all our group are going we missed going out to parties, but before i want to take you to our house( we already decided where will we live and our home) to start working on it as his brother will bring the employees the next day to start with the decors and so.

Once we got there he opened the door and to my surprise all our siblings, cousins, friends were all there with the most amazing setup. It was so touching and overwhelming in the same time, it was the happiest moment of our lives.

Fast forward to your engagement, how did you choose your look and where was it from?

I was looking for something simple yet unique and elegant/ classy, so i started checking different fabrics and colors and designs. After i chose everything, I went to Amjad Hammouri and talked about the dress in every single detail from fabrics to stones.

I went for the fire orange color, fully beaded with sequin and swarovski stones. I couldn’t be happier choosing Amjad, he is so professional and talented, he literally made my dream dress come true. As for my hair and makeup, I wanted a simple hairstyle and Mostafa made it happen in the most perfect way possible. As for my makeup, I decided to put my own full makeup for my engagement party, as I know my face and what suits my face, people didn’t even believe me that I did my own makeup.

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing details with us, looking forward to the wedding.

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