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Jinan Yassine’s Fabulous Engagement Party

Today’s engaged beauty gives us the inside scoop on her beautiful celebration. Jinan Yassine tells us all about her engagement party, how it came to be, and her thoughts on her upcoming wedding.

Here’s what she had to say to

Tell us about your engagement look. What are the details?

Dress: My dress was inspired by my sister as she was always the one with the big fashion sense in my family, and with the help of my close friend I got to complete the whole look.

Hair: My hair was done by Saif Hamawi. He really turned what’s on my mind into reality!

Makeup: By the talented Omar Elias, he made sure to have my makeup perfectly done and amazed me by the result.

Who was your:

DJ: The Amazing Ahmad Salah who didn’t even give us time to even think about taking a rest.

Planner: Feelings with my personal touch of my planning to certain things.

Photographer: Mohammed Kiwan who made us feel really comfortable and happy.

The whole look was very unique. How did you choose it?

It took me a while to think about making a look that’s simple and at the same time suitable for the engagement. I did my research for girl’s who had the experience already, and my family & friends were really supportive by giving me ideas and helping me out through it all.

Since you’re planning your wedding now, what is the most time consuming part?

I think choosing the venue is the most time consuming, once it’s chosen everything after will come out easily.

What is a detail you want to add to your wedding?

The most important things to be added in the wedding are the moments me & him have shared together, our favorite songs while we were together (Mainly Amr Diab).

Our favorite food (steak & Italian food), fairy lights all over because that’s our to go, and of course the concept of core memories since we were together.

What is something you learned from planning your engagement that you will do differently for the wedding?

It’s important to know well the people you’ll deal with during your planning. I think I should build more trust between me and them to have an extraordinary special day.

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing moments of their special day with us. We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!

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