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Mawadas words of Wisdom on Planning A wedding Abroad

Todays bride Mawada is telling us all about her expeirence planning her wedding in Dubai, every city has its own flavor and each bride has her own beauty, and today well be taking a deep dive into Mawadas big day on

Tell us about your wedding look

Hair: I choose a classic style that I always felt gave a princess vibe and it was done by @beauty_by_rola

Makeup: For my make up look I choose light pinkish nude colors, that gave me a simple and not heavy look done by Rola

Headpiece: I ordered it from Turkey to fit my dress.

Where did you have your wedding and what was the theme?

In Dubai at the Intercontinental hotel

The theme was white royal chandlers setup with white flowers peony and touch of white Orchid

How was planning a wedding abroad?

I enjoyed it a lot but it was not easy, as i choose every small touch and detail by myself, although my wedding planner helped a lot

What was your favorite moment of the wedding?

My the first entrance, and the cake cutting ceremony as i choose the song love tonight and it was such a special moment for us

If you could advise future brides who are planning to do their weddings abroad, what would it be?

My advise would be try to be s accurate and organised as possible so you can stay on top of all the details and always stay in touch with all the team working on your wedding.

What was your favorite song to dance to?

Oh my god ❤️❤️❤️ it is an Arabic song “ يا حياتي الليله دخلك هالابيض شو لابقلك 🤍

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing details of their big day with us,wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness.

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