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Moments from Jude Al Bunnias Star Studded Wedding Day

Lets do a little bridal count:

Two Laith Malouf dresses: Check

Two performers: Check

One lovely bride: Check!

We asked Jude about all the details of her wedding, and her favorite moments, and here is what she said to

Tell us about your wedding look

Dress: zaffeh dress: abed tamimi

Wedding dress: Laith malouf

Hair: Leon al Haj

Make up: Bob make up

Headpiece: Both headpieces from the Handmade Dealer

Tell us about the inspiration behind your wedding dress?

It was very hard to find the perfect dress because I had a certain image on my mind on how I want my dress to look like. I’ve contacted so many designers in Middle East and Europe.

But honestly no one was able to fully understand me but laith, he’s so creative and unique in his designs, my main focus on my wedding dress was to look the same, I didn’t want to look extra and ofcourse to be able to move, Laith is a genius. I wanted a beautiful yet simple dress.

My dress was three meters long and it was easy to move around with it, we used three patterns in the same dress.

Where did you have your wedding and what was the theme?

My Wedding was at the four seasons Amman.

The theme was THE GUEST ROOM OF A PALACE. Our guests were sitting inside the palace guest room facing windows from all around viewing the beautiful garden of the palace from all angles.

Wedding planner was yazan ghalib @lenozzeevent they’re brilliant in every way. Amazing team, super talented and they care a lot about details.

What was your favorite moment of the wedding?

I don’t really have a favourite moment because the whole night was magical for me. I loved every moment of that night. It was so special and filled with love and excitement.

What was the best song to dance to?

My husband would listen daily to Moustafa Amr, so seeing him live performing his favourite songs was next level type of excitement.

Wedding entertainment?

Ziad burji performed before dinner

Moustafa Amr after dinner

And ofcourse DJ saif ghareebeh was with us the whole night.

Thank you so much to the lovely couple for sharing moments of their big day with us, wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness.

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