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Ola Khawaja's Kateb Ktab Look Details

What is better than following a brides look starting from her Kateb Ktab?

Were going to be keeping a close eye on Ola Khawaja's wedding looks, and today we asked her about all of the details from her Kateb Ktab.

From the look to the set up and planning a wedding in 2021 all of the details are here on

Tell us about your kateb ktab look! Did you find it easily, where is it from, what was the inspo?

I found pictures on Instagram for a girl wearing the exact jumpsuit and I fell in love with the feathers idea, I kept searching and asking until I knew it was made by Elie Saab, I contacted his boutique and it was sold out everywhere, but after seeing how much I wanted it, they agreed on making a new one for me and I had it shipped from Lebanon. A bit of a risky move since I didn’t try it on once but I got lucky enough that it fitted like a glove.

We loved the simple white setup, who did it?

The setup was all created by Alissar, they did a great job with adding the feathers with the flowers and coming up with exactly what I wanted. My katb ktab was on the day the power went off for several hours and The only part that actually shows in pictures is the entrance because it’s in front of the main door and we had it open all the time. Yes we had the sheikh and witnesses sign in the dark.

looking forward, what is it like planning your wedding in 2021? How are you feeling and what are you most excited about?

Planning a wedding in the middle of a pandemic is challenging, I personally like to plan ahead of time, but it’s impossible to know what’s going to happen in the coming few weeks, which is a bit stressful. I’m planning a small wedding in July, my fiancé and I agreed to keeping it small although the government agree to opening up to 100 people, but we are still inviting those who are close to our hearts. And we are trying our best to plan the wedding like we want it, with the help of our favorite wedding planner of course.

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing some details with us, looking forward to the big day.

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