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Our Top 8 Headpieces By The Hand Made Dealer

We always hear people talking about finding THE wedding dress, but what is less mentioned yet just as important is the bridal headpiece.

The headpiece can either make or break the wedding look, and it always does an amazing job at bringing some glamour to the brides face.

Today were looking at multiple different designs by one designer Amer Atta, you might know him as The Hand Made Dealer.

Amer has build his name over the years, and hand crafted the perfect headpieces to some of Jordans finest brides.

In no particular order, here are some of our favorite picks by Amer over the years.

Neveen Janini

Sarah Darawsheh

Rawan Basher

Dana Darwish

Rand Karadsheh

Joud Abu Obaid

Nidaa Hamdans

The versatility in his style has helped many brides find the headpiece of their dreams, which one was your favorite?

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