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Prepare for take off on board the #SS410 Aviation themed Wedding

Since we can't take off anywhere anytime soon, get ready to board the #SS410 to a very magical wedding!

We spoke to Siwar Halteh to ask her a few questions about her wedding and here is how it went:

1. what was your favorite part of the wedding planning process?

My favorite part of the wedding planning process would have been the choice of the theme.

My husband is a pilot so we wanted to create a unique theme that is all about aviation, clouds, dressing the waiters as captains and the ushers as air hostesses

and building a mini aircraft and a duty free. So putting our imagination into practice was just fascinating!

The hash tag of the wedding was SS410 (which is like a flight number but with our initials and the date of the wedding 4.10) we even had an airport announcement but it says captain Sami and Co captain Siwar welcome you on board...

2. tell us about your dress! We know it took a while to design 

Ever since I was a little girl I imagined myself in a huge, white, fairly-tail, sparkly wedding dress. The designing process of the dress was hectic as I had to travel to 3 different countries over a period of 6 months to meet with the designer everytime. Once I saw him draw the sketch and understood exactly what I had in mind, I knew I was in good hands and it was well worth the wait.

And I also wanted a miniature dress made of the same material to keep as a memory in my bedroom

3. what was the most stressful part of planning 

The most stressful part of the wedding planning was the last couple of days before the wedding. This includes finalizing the schedule, revising the details, making sure everyone received the wedding cards, communicating with the entertainment in Beirut through Skype calls, and just worrying that something would go wrong was draining.

4. if you could give advice to brides that have their weddings soon what would you tell them

Although I am very detail oriented and get super stressed before huge events like I did on my wedding, working with the right wedding planner is a must. My wedding planner (Eyad Jammal) was very relaxed. He would see me stressing out and he would just listen calmly, write notes, and implement everything. If I had a wedding planner who would stress when I do, it would've been a struggle. Thus, my advice to all brides is to choose the right planner, enjoy every second of the wedding day as it moves in a blink, have a good breakfast on the morning of the wedding day, and to not stress on small details.


5- how did you choose your first dance song

In February, my significant other proposed to me. On the way to the location of the proposal, he had the song "thinking out loud" on repeat. After he proposed, that song got stuck in my head and became very sentimental to both of us as I didn't have a clue that he will be proposing in a bit. So without thinking we chose it to be our first dance song, followed by our other favourite song "shahr El assal - Joseph attieh."

Wishing this beautiful couple a lifetime of happiness and love, thank you for sharing the details of your special day with us.

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