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Serene Snobars Wedding Day Details Graced with Her Mothers Headpiece

Every bride envisions her wedding in a different way, and today's bride Serene Snobar has been collecting pieces of her perfect day for a long time since she wore her mothers headpiece that she wore at her wedding.

All of the details of how her wedding look came together and details from her big day on

Tell us all about your wedding look! What are the details?

My dress was from Milla Nova.

Hair: Shadi Salameh Salon

Makeup: Shadi Salameh

Headpiece: my mom’s headpiece that she wore to her wedding

How did you choose your dress, was it hard or easy to find your dream dress?

I’ve always wanted a dress that’s different, romantic and feminine, I love lace and ruffles - It was a very easy decision for me, I tried it on and knew that’s the dress I wanted.

You got married right when things were opening up, what was the experience like?

We were worried about things closing down until the last minute but when the day came - everything was exactly the way we wanted it to be, very romantic, cozy and magical.

What was the best part about planning your wedding?

The best part was seeing it all come together exactly the way we wanted it, from choosing the flowers and color scheme with the wedding planners, to planning the giveaways and little details - it was so much fun planning and even better seeing it come to life

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing details of their big day with us, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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