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Tala Obeidats 2020 Wedding insights and advice.

2020 Brides Unite! Because the lovely bride Tala Obeidat has some wedding wisdom to share.

We all have seen first hand how difficult getting married in 2020 is, but Tala did it wonderfully and here are all of the details of her big day!

Tell us about your wedding look 

Where was your dress and head piece from?

And your hair and make up 😊

My dress and head piece were designed by Nour Muhtaseb, and my hair and makeup were done by Saif Hamawi and Omar Elias. I never had a specific look in mind before the wedding or ever imagined how I would look on my wedding day, which honestly made the whole process to get to the final look just so exciting and surprising. I knew I was in safe hands.

What was it like getting married during a global pandemic?

Oh the global pandemic, I don‘t even know where to start. My wedding was supposed to be right before the full lockdown, and everything took us by surprise. Mohannad and I did not feel sad or overwhelmed at the beginning, We thought a delay of a couple more weeks wouldn't hurt anyone and it would be safer to wait. Both of our dads work outside the country and all we cared about at that time is the timing the airports would be open to have a wedding. 

But then day by day and week by week seeing how this pandemic is affecting the world, it just seemed like it was not going to end any time soon and that there is a chance it might get worse, nothing was guaranteed. We had already postponed the wedding date 6 times and changed the location multiple times and just knew we had to make a decision. Our dads suggested that we should have a small wedding and not wait longer, cause nothing is guaranteed. I still remember my dad‘s words very well, he said „“getting married is not about having a big party or hundreds of people around you, its a mental state, its the feeling of happiness and excitement that you two are starting a new chapter together no matter what the circumstances are, your love was stronger than all of the challenges and its time to celebrate it“

It all happened so fast, the whole wedding was planned within a couple of days and our family and friends hugely supported us with the last minute planning. They were a couple of days filled with lots of emotions, excitement, anxiety, laughter, and tears but we ended up having the most surprisingly fun small wedding with our closest friends and our dads were on skype with us the whole time.

What was the hardest part of the wedding planning process

In terms of having a wedding in the pandemic, it was changing the location and the date multiple times. The whole feeling of uncertainty I guess.

What was the best song to dance to?

We always imagined our first dance to be on one of the classic English songs until one day my friend suggested „awal forsa - rabih baroud“ and once we heard it we knew this was going to be our song. 

And what advice do you give to future brides getting married?

I have a couple of advices:

  • Don‘t overthink, the simplest details that drives every bride crazy are not essential, focus on the big picture.

  • Don‘t let the whole planning process overwhelm you, keep in mind that the whole idea is that you‘re celebrating something beautiful.

  • I don't recommend wearing a big dress and a heavy veil, the lighter it is, the more you‘ll be able to move freely. I loved my dress but regret it being very heavy and big. 

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