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The Journey From Amar Al Muhtaseb's Proposal to her Engagement to The Wedding.

There is nothing better than a solid love story, and a bride bringing out one lovely look after the other.

We asked Amar Al Muhtaseb about the details behind her engagement and her wedding and here is what she had to say!

You might be wondering how quickly I got engaged and married , that’s why I'm here to show you more details about this chapter. It took 30 days between his proposal and my wedding, during this period We got engaged, we prepared our home plus our wedding preparations, it went completely smoothly and it was so fun “ not as I expected" at first.

I went shopping for my engagement jumpsuit on September 8th , I went to several well known places in order to find something unique for my Kateb Ktab, it wasn’t a piece of cake to find a modest and fashionable jumpsuit, I found what I wanted exactly at Designer 24, the jumpsuit Was made by Sposabella

As for the wedding dress, I started searching for it 3 weeks before the wedding because everybody knows the wedding gown is 70% of the wedding preparations.

From the first very beginning I was planning to go to Nour Muhtaseb to find “ The One “ 

I found what exactly I need the perfect print and fabric with tiny details, Nour and I also changed the dress from non-hijabi dress to hijabi one by redesigning the top to include mock-neck cut, which is the royal cut that I love the most, it was a bit hectic at the first time, I couldn’t imagine that all of these editions can be finished within two weeks, also I can’t hide I was too depressed from the corona lockdown during these two weeks, the amount of nervousness lead me to lose 6 kilo from my weight, it was something unusual and at the same time its my BIG DAY, you can say “ Confused feelings”

But thankfully everything was amazing, and much nicer than I expected , the wedding included lovely touches, a gorgeous house ceremony, a fun-packed night on the dance floor and a delicious catering bar with plenty of happy tears, what could be better?!

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing details of their big day with us, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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