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Traditional Arabic Calligraphy and Red Roses: Ghazal & Yazans Beautiful Wedding Theme

Planning a wedding can be a challenging task, but for Ghazal and her husband Yazan, the distance between them made it even more difficult. Despite this, they were able to plan a stunning wedding with the help of The Wedding Jo, and everything turned out just as they had envisioned it. From finding the perfect dress to designing a custom second dress, choosing a venue, and creating a beautiful theme with traditional Arabic calligraphy, Ghazal shares with us the story of their unforgettable wedding day.

Tell us about your wedding look:

Dress one: Millanova

Dress two: Custom by Dovita Bridal (Turkey)

Hair: Tareq Musharbash

Makeup: Issa Hishan

Headpiece/Veil: Amjad Hamouri

Planner: The Wedding Jo

DJ: Ramez Diwaneh

Photographer: PixelPro – Mohammed Tallise

Tell us about the inspiration behind your dress, was it easy or hard to find your dream dress?

I always knew I wanted a simple dress, yet elegant dress – nothing too shiny or too heavy so I could enjoy the night and feel like myself. I live in the US, so wedding dresses need to be ordered months in advance to arrive in time, and I ended up travelling all over to find the perfect one. We went to Chicago, New York, Amman, and there was not a single website I had not looked at.

We ended up going to a wedding dress shop right near my house in Ohio -just for fun- and my mom picked it up and asked me to try it on, and we all loved it! The simplicity of the satin with the unique bustier design was perfect, and all I ended up doing was extending the train to add some drama. Funny story about my dress – the designer, Millanova, is Ukrainian and all their pieces are made in Ukraine. A few months after I had ordered my dress, the war had started, and I got an email that they were not sure they would be shipping the dress or that it could even be completed at the time.

What was the hardest part of planning the wedding?

The hardest part about planning the wedding was the distance . My husband and I are already long distance, since he lives in the West Bank and I live in the US, but it was definitely harder to coordinate when neither of us were in the same country as our planner. We did mostly everything on WhatsApp and video calls, but honestly, even this “hard part “ wasn’t that difficult to deal with. The Wedding Jo made everything so easy and helped us with every aspect of the wedding from afar. By the time we had gotten to Amman a week before the wedding, all there was left to do was go over the details and make last-minute changes. I was surprised at how seamless the process was and how everything turned out exactly how we pictured it, and better.

Where did you have your wedding and what was the theme?

We had our wedding at Exit Club in Amman, since my husband and I knew we wanted to do something outdoor and give our wedding a lively and younger feel. The theme was all white with black accents and we ended up focusing a lot on traditional Arabic calligraphy for added touches – for example, our entrance and dance floor had a custom Arabic design with the first letters of our names غ and ي, and the stair stickers reflected the same letter design that we had on our invitations.

My favorite part about our white/black theme, however, was the pop of red in the entry way. We had I think over a thousand red roses hanging from the ceiling of the tunnel Bashar and Lamise built for us , with tons more roses on the sides and on the ground – It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and I cannot believe it turned out even better than I imagined.

What was your favorite moment of the wedding?

It is hard to choose a favorite wedding moment since every moment felt so special on its own. The wedding was exactly what we had wanted and more – it was elegant and beautifully designed, but at the same time, it felt more like a party with 300 of our closest friends. Almost all of our guests had travelled from Palestine, the US, and other places to attend our wedding, and it was clear that they were genuinely happy for us and truly wanted to celebrate us and enjoy the evening. The venue was not filled with people on their phones taking pictures or guests sitting at their tables waiting to eat, but instead, everyone was up and dancing and truly enjoying their time, and that meant so much to us! If I did have to choose a favorite moment, however, I think it would be a tie between our second entrance with the drummers and sort-of a second first dance that we had by surprise.

What was the best song to dance to?

Honestly DJ Ramez is incredible and there was not a single song he played that was not good. He kept the wedding going until 4 am, and we probably could have kept going even longer! For me, the best song I would say was our first dance. T

here is a version of Nassif Zeytoun’s “Endi Anaa” from his Anghami session that is slow and jazzy and just so beautiful – so it was a dream to dance to that with the live saxophonist. My husband and I both love Nassif’s music, and Yazan actually showed me that song on one of our first dates, so it was also a nice memory that we could tie into the wedding.

Ghazals wedding was a beautiful celebration of love, culture, and joy. From her unique dresses to the elegant white and black theme with a pop of red, every detail was carefully chosen to reflect her and her husband's personalities and vision. We hope that Ghazals wedding story has inspired you and given you some ideas and tips for your own wedding planning. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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