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Unconventional Wedding Celebrations, Creating Memories in a New Way

What makes special memories special?

We know this year is unconventional when it comes to weddings, and pretty much everything else, but remember there is no "one way" to celebrate, or "one way" to make memories that both of you can cherish for the rest of your life.

We love looking to our wonderful jordanian brides for inspo and Nadine Haija is a wonderful example of non-conventional celebrations.

We asked her a few questions and here is what she had to say.

1- We noticed you tied the knot in quarantine, how did you come to this decision When the lock-down/curfew was imposed in March many of our friends cancelled their Spring weddings, at that point it hit us that we might not be able to celebrate our wedding the usual pre-Corona way this summer!

We waited until first week of May to see if things clear up but unfortunately they didn’t, hence we cancelled the wedding party and decided to do a small ceremony at the house. But we still have plans for a small retroactive wedding party!

2- What was your favorite part of the wedding?

We loved everything about that day! the simplicity, the joy we brought to our loved ones, and best of all being together 😊 We just wished we could’ve shared it with  our friends, extended family and siblings living abroad

3- Where did you get your dress from?

My dress was from Demetrios 😍

4- You took some gorgeous pictures tell us about your bridal photoshoot?

Our photographer was Dalia Naber

She was really good and had some great ideas for the photoshoot. We chose venues where photos would stand out and enjoyed every bit of it.

Shout out to Bisharat Golf Club (where our wedding was planned to take place) who allowed us to wander around and enjoy the amazing scenery.  We absolutely loved the photos!

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing the details of their special day with us.

Let us know if you would do the same!

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