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Wanna Lose Weight Before Your Wedding? Here is Our Expert Advice

There is a list of preparations that everyone thinks of before a big event, and sometimes losing a few kilos and shaping our bodies can be one of them, but every other day we find a new diet fad, and new ways that people promote to lose weight.

What is fact what is fiction? We asked the experts for advice and reached out to the Dietian Mayar Foudeh and asked her some burning questions, and here is what she had to say to Everything weddings:

1- What is the best way to prepare your body and weight for an event?

That one day you want to look beautiful and you do your all to fit that dress. They best way is to twist a couple of un-healthy habits to healthy ones, such as; limiting/eliminating fried, sugary and fatty food, follow a proper diet plan (not a strict one) as much as it is the right one, macro counting will do the need, exercise regularly to at least shape that body of yours, last but not least do not stress because that will definitely ruin everything you aim for.

2- How much time do you think is enough for a bride or groom to start preparing?

The time actually differs from one person to another. Is this person actually stressed? Dedicated? or an extremist? Following a healthy lifestyle is a lot better and easier for any bride and groom to follow. Following a calorie deficit diet will actually benefit you for a short period, however following a calorie count diet needs more time to show its efficiency so start as soon as possible.

3- What is the biggest lie or diet fad that you come across?

Water/Detox diet, this a very well-known approach some brides follow to lose some kilos before an event.

Am I against that ? Of course! These diet plans can be easily designed by your own self but the problem is what symptoms does these show? Many brides faints just to fit the dress and this will actually cause vitamin deficiency(which means dull skin, broken nails & no energy).

4- What is the most important part of going on a diet?

Q4. The most important thing is dedication. We can all start but who can reach the goal? Not many. Plus contact a dietitian to personalize the ultimate proper diet plan.

5- What is your golden advice for brides before their events?

My advice to you all is dress to compliment your own body and shape. Its not about the number on scale its more of dressing your own body shape. If you’re happy in your own skin then choose the right dress. Enjoy 😉

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