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Yasmeen Al Qudahs Engagement and Jaha Look Details

Today's bride is serving not one but two gorgeous looks, one for the Jaha part and the other for her intimate engagement celebration, the story of how Yasmeen Al Qudah chose her engagement dress is that of fate and the rest of the celebration details on

Tell us about your look:

Hair and make up are done at Tareq Mushrbash, hair by Saif and make up by Omar Elias also as simple as it can get I had a simple up do with my hair for the katb ktab then I had it removed for the party

Where did you get your dress and how did you choose it?

The dress is from sposabella I actually saw it when a friend of mine was looking for her engagement dress back in December and I asked her to try it but she didn’t like it haha! Am familiar with the design and it’s actually not a new one it’s been around since 2019 I think! Still I absolutely loved it! It’s so me haha and it’s perfect for the occasion it was a simple party at the roof in my house for around 40 people.

This was my Jaha look, then I took my hair down and changed for the party.

What was your favorite moment in the wedding and show us a picture of it!

Am not sure about choosing a favorite moment in the party honestly I enjoyed every minute of it, but this moment was defiantly a special one.

What was the hardest part of planning your Kateb Ktab and engagement?

The hardest part of the planning was the uncertainty of the situation and the government decisions regarding the whole situation, I was quite happy with the way things worked out especially since it allowed us to have a more intimate smaller celebration so to me I actually love it except the uncertainty part it worked perfectly for me

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing details of their big day with us!

Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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