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An Unforgettable Wedding: Touleen Rahahleh's Dream Day

Updated: Feb 8

The journey to a dream wedding is a path filled with countless details, emotions, and special moments. Touleen Rahahleh's wedding day stands as a testament to love, elegance, and the magic of a carefully planned celebration. In this exclusive Q&A, Touleen takes us on a journey through her unforgettable wedding, from her stunning wedding look to the team that made it all possible. Join us as we explore the essence of her day, where love and meticulous planning combined to create an event to remember.

Q1: Tell Us About Your Wedding Look.

My wedding look was a culmination of elegance and personal touch. My dress was customized by the wonderful La Vida Bella Bridal Shop.

I opted for a design that could be worn in two distinct styles – one with sleeves, an overskirt, and a long veil, and the other as a strapless mermaid style with a short veil.

My hair was artfully styled by Joe Massoud of Pace e Luce, and the makeup was expertly done by Issa Hishan, also from Pace e Luce. To complete the ensemble, I wore a beautiful headpiece from Jamaly.

Q2: Who Was Your Planner and How Did They Contribute to Your Special Day?

The Design Box team was instrumental in making my wedding day exceptional. They provided honest advice and full-time assistance, guiding and supporting us at every step.

They simplified the process and ensured that everything turned out just as we wanted. Working with such a professional and friendly team was an absolute joy.

Q3: How Did the Music Set the Tone for Your Wedding?

The talented and enthusiastic Dj Moe Abdallah, along with his percussionist Yazan Bader, created a lively atmosphere that had everyone dancing all night. They knew just when to play those classic tracks that we all loved, keeping everyone engaged and taking us on a musical journey that we'll never forget.

Q4: Tell Us About Your Wedding Photography.

Our wedding photographer, Ahmad Karajh, and his team, captured our special moments with an array of cameras and lenses. The result was a collection of photos that brimmed with love, emotions, energy, style, and intricate details. Wworld Weddings also provided exclusive coverage, ensuring that we could relive those moments for years to come.

Q5: What Was the Inspiration Behind Your Wedding Dress, and How Did You Find It?

Seeking elegance, classiness, and simplicity, I chose to customize my wedding dress. Collaborating with the designer allowed me to select the style, cut, fabric, and all the details. It wasn't an easy journey; it required time and effort, but bringing my dream wedding dress to life was incredibly rewarding.

Q6: Where Did You Have Your Wedding, and What Was the Theme?

Our wedding took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Amman, a venue I had always dreamt of. I opted for a pink-elegance themed wedding, combining white and pink flowers with crystal strands adorning the ceiling. This created the perfect balance between romance and elegance.

Q7: What Was Your Favorite Moment of the Wedding?

It's challenging to pick just one favorite moment from such a special day. From our first steps as a married couple to cutting our wedding cake together and walking down the aisle with my dad towards my soulmate, every moment was incredibly precious. The second part of the evening, with Hussein Al Salman, took our celebration to another level. The vibes were fantastic, and the happiness of our family and friends was palpable.

Q8: What Was the Best Song to Dance To?

Every song played on our special day felt extraordinary, but "Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur, which played during our first dance, was exceptionally touching. Every word resonated with us, making that moment even more memorable.

In the end, Touleen Rahahleeh's wedding was a true fairytale brought to life by a dream team of professionals, a breathtaking venue, and a love story that will last a lifetime.

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