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Behind the Scenes of Aseel Haddadin's Special Day

Step into Aseel Haddadins dreamy wedding, where every detail was carefully curated to create a celebration of love and elegance. Join us as we delve into the highlights and cherished memories of this extraordinary day.

Wedding Look: Dress: The bride's dress, designed by Israa Raad from Kashkha, drawing inspiration from the beloved Disney princess, Belle.

Hair: Saif Hamawi skillfully crafted the bride's hair.

Makeup: Omar Elias created a flawless and enchanting makeup look.

Who was involved:

Planner: Embracing the role of her own wedding planner, the bride meticulously planned every little detail, ensuring a personalized touch throughout the celebration.

Florist: Omar Azzam.

DJ: Samer Wakileh set the perfect atmosphere, keeping the energy alive

Percussionist: Elias Karadsheh

Violinist: Aseel Karadsheh, a talented violinist, added an element of elegance and emotion with her enchanting melodies.

Photographer: Ahram Studio & Osama Altaweel

Drummer: Noor Nehad elevated the celebration with electrifying beats

Inspired by Dreams: The Dress: The bride had always dreamed of a fairytale dress, and her vision became a reality with the help of designer Israa Raad from Kashkha. Inspired by the iconic Belle from Disney, the dress embodied elegance and grace, making the bride feel like a princess on her special day.

The Venue and Theme: The wedding took place at the beautiful new venue, Papillion. The chosen theme was "la simplicité fait la beauté" – a concept that embraced simplicity and elegance. Every element was carefully selected to create an atmosphere that reflected the couple's refined taste.

A Touching Moment: Although the wedding day passed by in a whirlwind, the bride recalls a particularly touching moment: the entrance. Walking down the stairs to the soulful melody of "Idkheli Umri" by Hussain Al Jasmi, surrounded by magnificent Roman poles, created a truly magical scene. The addition of fireworks completed the fairytale-like ambiance, making it an unforgettable memory.

The Challenges of Wedding Planning: As a bride who took on the role of her own wedding planner, coordinating with everyone involved and managing the intricate details proved to be the most challenging aspect. Timings and coordination with multiple individuals required meticulous attention and organization.

Thank you to the lovelyt couple for sharing this celebration that will be cherished for a lifetime with us. Wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness.

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