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Love, Pearls, and Flowers: The Unforgettable Wedding of Tijan al Khatib

Join us as we delve into the heartwarming tale of a bride's pursuit of her perfect day. From the moment she envisioned her wedding look to the joyful celebration surrounded by loved ones, Tijan's journey is a testament to love and creativity.

1) Tell us about your wedding look:

  • Dress: For my wedding look, I opted for two stunning dresses. The first one was from a wedding shop in Istanbul called Ivory. It had long sleeves, beautiful 3D flowers, and a dreamy tulle fabric. I customized it to have a square-neck instead of a V-neck, making it truly unique. As for the second dress, I turned to my favorite designer in Amman, Sara Mansour. This dress was everything I had envisioned - high-necked, adorned with pearls, and made of gorgeous crepe/silk fabric with a dramatic back.

  • Hair: Emad Almomani from the salon "Haus of Rashed" styled my hair to perfection.

  • Makeup: Rashed from "makeupbyrashed" worked his magic to create my flawless makeup.

  • Headpiece: I wore a handmade headpiece, adding a touch of individuality to my wedding look.

2) Tell us about the inspiration behind your dress, was it easy or hard to find your dream dress? When it came to my dress, I had a clear vision in mind - I wanted an elegant and classy look, with a focus on simplicity rather than excessive sparkles. Long sleeves, 3D flowers, and a light, floral feel were exactly what I had my heart set on. However, finding such a dress in the market proved to be quite a challenge during my wedding shopping in Istanbul. Fortunately,

the wedding shops offered custom-made dresses, and that's when I decided to create my dream dress from scratch. Inspired by a dress I saw on a mannequin, I worked with the designers to turn it into the perfect gown with a square-neck. It turned out to be absolutely stunning, and I was thrilled to carry it with me to Amman. And just to match my personality even more, I collaborated with my favorite designer, Sara Mansour, to create a second dress - simple, feminine, and adorned with pearls, with a graceful high-neck and a beautiful crepe/silk fabric.

3) Where did you have your wedding and what was the theme?

My wedding took place at the White Hall, and I chose a classical theme. The venue was adorned with delicate baby breath flowers, eucalyptus, and the warm glow of candles, creating a romantic and timeless atmosphere.

4) What was your favorite moment of the wedding?

Without a doubt, my favorite moment of the wedding was when my now-husband surprised me with a heartwarming video of our love story, accompanied by his touching speech. It was an incredibly emotional moment that filled my heart with love and joy.

5) What was the hardest part of planning the wedding?

Planning the wedding without my husband by my side was undoubtedly the most challenging part. His work in the UAE made it difficult to coordinate and make decisions together, but we managed to overcome the distance and create a memorable celebration of love.

6) What was the best song to dance to?

For our cake cutting moment, I had always dreamed of dancing to "End of Time" by Beyoncé, and my dream came true on my wedding day. It was the perfect song choice and made the moment even more magical.

Every wedding is a unique and beautiful celebration of love, and my wedding day was no exception. From the carefully chosen dresses to the heartfelt surprises and cherished memories, it was a day I will forever hold dear in my heart. Despite the challenges, planning the wedding was worth every moment, and I am grateful for the love and support that made our special day truly unforgettable.

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