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Details From Farah Qadris Wedding Journey and How She Designed her Dress

Do you think it would be fun or stressful to design your own wedding dress? Bride Farah Qadri is telling us all of the details from her wedding look and setup, how everything came together and the inspiration behind it all on Here is what Farah had to say:

Since you make clothes for others, what was it like making your own wedding dress? Making my own dress was actually more stressful than any other garment I've ever made! Especially since I've only done one wedding dress before, but anything this size or with this magnitude. I knew it was going to be my dress, I had to go to the lengths of the earth to find the fabrics I want, and I can't wait to tell my kids and grandchildren about how I designed my own wedding dress.

Was it easier or more difficult to design a dress for yourself? It wasn't difficult but it did cause a lot of stress! since I am a designer I felt my dress had to shine on this special day.

Where was your head piece from? My head piece was by Reem Al Janabi, I went there originally wanting to create something customized. But the moment I walked in this piece caught my eye, as it has the same kind of beading and pearls that my dress has, and I felt it was a match made in heaven.

What was the theme for your wedding? and how did you choose it? I had a clear idea of what I wanted from the get go, as in my Jaha I used a lot of flowers, and I wanted something that felt royal, matched my dress, but was also new, white, and had lots of different elements and feathers in it.

My mom had the idea to build a corner for us, and our planner Themes by Layla did a wonderful job with it, she really understood my vibe and went with it, and I was really happy with the results especially since I am an architect so the details were very important to me.

Lastly we organised the event to have my family and my husbands family at different times and different floors to follow health and safety procedures.

Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing details of their big day with us, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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